New Homes  

I am a fan of new homes. Why? Because good builders build homes better today than in years past. Most cities in the Collin County, North Texas area require homes to be built to strict city codes including Energy Star specifications. Most quality builders in Texas go beyond Energy Star with standards such as Green Built Texas.  In the North Texas climate,  energy efficiency is very important.  A well built energy efficient home will save the home owner hundreds of dollars per year in cooling and heating bills. 

You may ask why do I need a Realtor if I’m buying a new home? The builder has a sales representative on site. Builders like to work with Realtors. They know we bring them business. In fact, many new home developments get 60% to 80% of their business from Realtors.  Keep in mind that the builder’s representative works for the builder, your Realtor works for you. Additionally the builder pays the Realtors Professional Fee, not you.

If you would like to talk new construction, give me a call. I visit new home developments on a regular basis. To assist in your new home search click on My Builders Update which will help you search for new construction.

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